Global warming, the lack of resources and pollution are all tightly connected to each other – and they can all affect not only the environment, but the entire mankind. Switching to renewable energy solutions will be an inevitable step in the near future – but is it actually worth investing in it right now? We have gathered some of the best things you should consider before making the final call – so read on and find out more.

·         It’s very, very late. It is… Our planet is already sending serious alarms and we should listen to it. Temperatures have risen, animals have gone extinct and our non-renewable resources are on the point of complete depletion. It may be a few decades before we see the last oil-fueled car going around, but for the history of humanity, a few decades will pass in the blink of an eye. Before you take a decision, think of your children and of how their lives will look like sooner than we all imagine!

·         Renewable energy (such as solar power) can save you serious money. It may cost a bit more to replace your old heater, but the new one will end up saving you some important sums of money.


·         Yes, it is worth investing in solar power, wind power and even in biomass-fueled power. We need to do this right now and we need to do it carefully. Our finances and our very world depend on us – so we should all make the switch as soon as possible!