Frameless glass doors and framed doors are both good because they serve the basic purpose of a door. However, lifestyles changes are driving more and more people towards adopting use of frameless glass doors. They can be used in kitchens, bedrooms, bathrooms, and in commercial offices.

Why frameless glass doors are most preferred?

First, they are made to appear sleek and suitable for modern homes. They are very good when it comes to allowing natural light into your house, which in turn makes your room look more beautiful. They add both contemporary style design and appearance to the other interior design styles compared to framed doors.

They are made up of tempered glass and very few inches (moving parts) installed on the wall. This gives them longer lifespan compared to framed doors, and therefore you are likely to save more money in the long run because you won’t incur repair or replacement costs.

Unlike frameless glass doors, framed doors usually trap dirt that makes it hard for the home owner to maintain, so you will be required to pay a lot of money to the best cleaner. Frameless glass doors have unique design that cannot allow dirt to stick, making it easy to clean. In short, frameless glass doors make a room more hygienic compared to framed doors.


Lastly, frameless glass doors can improve the value of your house more than framed doors can do. They add beauty and style that reflect a modern home for a family living. So, you can get the best sale price when your house is fitted with frameless glass doors. For more information about a great range of products, click here.