Honeymoon is an important part of starting your marriage life. It is a time to relax from the tedious wedding preparations; it also allows you and your spouse quality time together. Traditionally, newly married couples depart for their honeymoon right after their wedding reception, the car is packed ready to go, and they leave right from the wedding venue Sussex to the airport.

Different people have different desires when choosing the perfect destination. Some love beaches, others love exotic destinations and others just love romantic cities. Whichever destination you choose, it will cost you a pretty penny.

For those who love beaches you will be spoilt for choice deciding between Florida keys in Florida, Fiji, Maui in Hawaii, Little Cayman in Cayman Islands, Ibiza in Spain, Punta del Este in Uruguay and St. Barts In the Caribbean. These places offer the best beach experience with amazing sceneries and remarkable accommodations in five star and four star hotels – although, none of these will be a patch on our home grown hotels such as Deansplacehotel.co.uk.

Those looking for an exotic city experience will have the following places to choose from; Myanmar,  Panama city in Panama, Marrakesh in Morocco, Sri Lanka, Maldives Cappadocia in Turkey , Udaipur in India, Kyoto in Japan or Dubai.  These places have amazing landscapes, glamorous city life and amazing local culture.

Couples in search of adventure could choose to go to; St Lucia in the Caribbean, Hayman Islands in Australia, Iceland, Namibia, Vancouver Island in Canada, Arizona or Mexico.

For those with minimum budgets you might consider keeping it local or visiting Vieques in Puerto Rico, Rovinj in Croatia and Ashville in North Carolina among other destinations. It would a crime not to consider `the city of love’, Paris or Seychelles.

Or maybe you want to do things a little different, honeymoon in the UK, maybe even at your wedding venue Sussex? If you love the UK, or have children you don’t want to leave behind, or if you are on a smaller budget then why not?