Do you class your smoothies as drinks or snacks? For me, they could be both, but it does depend on my main reason for having one. If it is a hot day and I am thirsty, a nice refreshing cold smoothie is just the thing I need. However, when I am aiming for a healthier way of life, maybe a filling meal replacement or a tasty treat to stave off the cravings before a meal, then my favourite is definitely a green smoothie.

The best thing about the green smoothie is the fact it is filled with tasty goodness. do a wide variety of smoothie blends, so if you are wondering if they have one that you might like, just click here to find out. Green smoothies aren’t for everyone, many people prefer fruit smoothies such as strawberry or summer fruits, but those who have never tried a nice veggie smoothie are really missing out.

Those who are fans of juicing already probably realise that adding a carrot to a freshly juiced orange gives the drink a delicious new taste, so why would the same not be said for smoothies? Think about this, a green smoothie made with apple juice, a bit of kale, (the new superfood that is great for your body), maybe some broccoli and for a touch of sweetness a little bit of pineapple. This may sound like a strange concoction and one you will never consider trying, but the beauty of smoothies is the fact you can add almost anything you please and you will have a very nutritious snack.

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