We tend to associate “luxury” with high spending and high class. And while most of the times that does function like that, the truth is that the very word “luxury” has received very different connotations these days.

Take, for example, luxury bathrooms. For some people they may mean bathrooms that are installed entirely with Aqualisa Rise products, for others they may mean that only luxury tiles have been used.

And yet, for most of the other people, the most ardent question is: will a luxury bathroom be really, really expensive? Here are some things to consider:

·         In general it can be said that, yes, luxury bathroom items do cost more than the average. How much more they cost depends on a lot of factors, including the manufacturer, the seller, possible discounts and the precise features offered by that particular item.

·         However, rest assured that in most of the cases a luxury bathroom will not cost that much more as compared to the other bathroom products. Again, it can depend on a lot of criteria and the prices can reach twice or even three times more the price of the average product. But, overall, you can get luxury bathroom products for decent prices as well.


·         Last, but not least, please keep in mind that regardless of how much you pay for your luxury bathroom, it will be more than worth every single penny. In the end, this is an investment in your own comfort and in your house’s value – and those are always priceless!